Project Lasso

Redefining waste through curiosity.

Inspired by Ted Lasso's motivational philosophy—particularly the mantra, "Be curious, not judgmental"—Project Lasso is a curiosity-driven exploration challenging prevailing thoughts on clothing waste. Much like Ted Lasso's approach, the project seeks to redefine the negative connotations associated with "waste."

Approaching end-of-life materials with an open and inquisitive mindset, Project Lasso views discarded remnants as potential collaborators in the design process. This mindset shift, akin to Ted Lasso's positive outlook, focuses on growth and transformation.

In a creative twist, Project Lasso engineers new materials by skillfully disrupting denim fibres through a felting loom. This transformative process breathes new life into neglected fabrics, providing fresh design opportunities and challenging preconceived notions about waste. The project embodies the spirit of embracing curiosity, turning challenges into creative solutions, mirroring Ted Lasso's unconventional coaching methods.

Through a visual journey showcasing the felting loom process and the evolution of denim fibres, Project Lasso inspires a potential for growth and innovation in materials deemed as "waste." This project aligns with Ted Lasso's philosophy, demonstrating that curiosity has the power to turn problems into opportunities.

Project Lasso is not just a design project but a statement—a testament to the transformative power of curiosity and positive outlook, echoing Ted Lasso's enduring message that curiosity can lead to remarkable and unexpected outcomes.

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